KaliPAK is a powerful solar power generator packed inside a small briefcase!

Being out in the wilderness and not having any source of electricity or means to charge your phone is truly a struggle. As much as we enjoy nature, we still require what we now call a necessity: power.

Thankfully, the team at Kalisaya set out to develop a portable generator by the name of KaliPAK that you can carry around on your back. This contraption provides substantial off-the-grid energy required to fulfill any sort of necessities. Powered by solar energy, this generator provides for constant power, as it does not depend upon constant supply of fuel or even highly unreliable wind energy.

KaliPACK Solar Generator 1

Image: © Kalisaya

Although solar power is a much cleaner alternative, it is unable to make large appliances like microwaves or electric ovens work. However, the generators, coupled with battery packs, provide adequate energy, which is perfect for emergencies. Furthermore, this device is far better than all other personalized solar chargers in the current market as it is well equipped to cater to the needs of more than one person for longer durations than all other chargers.

KaliPACK Solar Generator 2

Image: © Kalisaya

The KaliPAK is your own personal generator in a briefcase. It is available in three models that vary from the smaller and cheaper generator consisting of 20W solar panels with 192Wh battery, to the more expensive yet more powerful generator having a 562Wh battery along with 40W solar panels. Even the heaviest model weighs only 6.9 kg, which tells us a lot about how portable and easy-to-carry it is! Furthermore, the KaliPAK comes with various USB ports designed for charging as well as a Bluetooth system, which is connectable to your smartphone in order to monitor the generator. Not only that, it also comes with a cover to protect itself from drastic changes in weather i.e. rain, snow, sandstorms etc.

KaliPACK Solar Generator 3

Image: © Kalisaya

With so many options and features, it is difficult to keep your hands off from having the KaliPAK!

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