10 of The World’s Least Friendly Cities

The top five least friendly cities ranked were Moscow, Russia; Atlantic City, New Jersey; St. Petersburg, Russia; Marseille, France; and Los Angeles, California. Read on to learn more about the cities that were ranked as the least friendly cities on Earth, and what exactly it is that makes them so.

10. Cannes, France

Score: 69.910

Cannes, renowned for its annual film festival has a long association with the rich and famous. Being wealthy as well as pretty, Cannes does get a bit snobby at times.

Cannes, France

Image: Flickr / Gary Hebding Jr.

9. Las Vegas, US

Score: 69.462

The city’s tolerance for numerous forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City, and has made Las Vegas a popular destination for films, television programs, and music videos but apparently it is not so well-versed in manners.

Paris View from Bellagio

Image: Flickr / Danny Garcia

8. Baltimore, US

Score: 69.380

Baltimore, the birthplace of the American anthem and flag has been rocked by unrest and poverty in recent years, leading to a plunge in tourism and leaving much of the city in need of renewal.

Baltimore, US

Image: Flickr / cmfgu

7. Philadelphia, US

Score: 69.292

Tourists apparently see the “City of Brotherly Love” as a contradiction.

Philadelphia, US

Image: Flickr / Steve Ives

6. New York, US

Score: 69.129

New Yorkers were deemed fast-paced and unhelpful. There are over 8 million people in New York with so many places to be and things to do, so don’t expect the average New Yorker to stop by for a lively conversation.

New York, US

Image: Flickr / Frank Koehntopp

5. Los Angeles, US

Score: 68.090

LA has a nice weather year-round, it’s a home to the rich and famous. However, Los Angeles was said to be full of rude, unhelpful people trying to scam you for everything.

Los Angeles, US

Image: Flickr / Dave Toussaint

4. Marseille, France

Score: 66.316

Its high crime rates are likely to make residents and tourists feel uneasy.

Marseille, France

Image: Flickr / Salva Barbera

3. St Petersburg, Russia

Score: 65.419

The city may be rich with history and culture but the locals are found to be unwelcoming. If you don’t speak Russian, expect to be overcharged for everything you’ll buy.

St Petersburg, Russia

Image: Flickr / Torsten Heider

2. Atlantic City, US

Score: 61.361

Famed for its rich gambling scene, Atlantic City is often labelled by the visitors as a glittering town in the middle of abject poverty. Moreover, the locals are deemed as rude, unwelcoming and fast paced.

Atlantic City, US

Image: Flickr / xooxuaa

1. Moscow, Russia

Score: 60.250

City’s notoriously bad traffic and general aloofness of the people contributed to its low ranking. Plus the city is huge with a few signs or menus in English.

Moscow, Russia

Image: Flickr / Sergei Sigov

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