10 best places to visit in USA in December

✈️Ah December, the month of festivities and charisma. If you are someone who is looking to see the human race at its best, a visit to America in December should be it. With its frosty evenings and jingle bells in the air, one cannot but hover. A trip to all the best places in USA could prove to be an escape from the crooked ways of life and the entire monotony of it. America’s weather in December is bitterly cold. However, looking at the geographical mapping of the country, it covers an extensive area which results in all the states having a different climate. The average temperature range is around -1°C to 24°C but the cold regions are relatively chillier. Despite the difference in temperatures, no place is any less enchanting than the other. Below are some of best places to visit in USA in December, no bones about it!

New York

New York; the city that never sleeps. The captivating aura of New York City can undoubtedly make anyone immediately dwell into its mystical market places, aesthetic museums, and immensely beautiful cafes. Times Square is the most famous and extravagant place to be, especially on New Year’s Eve. Taking a trip to New York during Christmas is no less than something extremely magical that you will ever see.

If you are looking to spend a night filled with entertainment, Madison Square Garden is the place to be which is famous for holding massive concerts, hockey matches, and parades. The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge are also the signature monumental masterpieces of the city.


Washington DC

The capital of the United States of America is famous for its mesmerizing buildings, especially, the White House and the Capitol Congress. Washington DC is known to be one of the first cities to be strategically designed and built, holding numerous historical monuments, buildings and museums. The museums are the center of attention of the city and have no entry fee except for the International Spy Stations. You can also go to the National Menorah and watch the Hanukkah Lighting festival. Menorah is a large candlebrum with nine branches, each for a single candle. The festival starts with the mesmerizing lighting of the candles followed by music and dances. Surely a great festival to attend!

Seeing DC: Day One #24 - best places to visit in USA in December

A thrilling trip to California

California is known for its warm climate. The temperature is fairly warm even in the months of December and January; not falling below 42°F. The first place you need to be is, ofcourse, Disneyland. With the pleasant weather, you can go about and enjoy Christmas to the maximum. With the oncoming New Years, a traditional Pasendena’s Rose Parade is held which is all about the enchanting flowers and horse carriage rides. Other exciting festivals such as the Deco Week, the Bandfest, and the Rose Bowl college football game also take place during the month.

If you are someone interested in challenging hikes, the Death Valley National Park is your go-to. You can trek past places such as Coffin Peak and Devil’s Golf. These places are the hottest and the most lonesome places on Earth. However, the park also has quite scenic views such as the expansive salt flats of Badwater Basin, about 282 feet below sea level. You can visit other places like Yosemite National Park, Big Sur State Park to hike and camp, Lake Tahoe, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. The temperature settles at a pleasant 60° to 70° Fahrenheit. Trekking in December at a place so peaceful yet so dangerous is a sort of thrill only a few can enjoy. Two of the beautiful cities that yoou can visit while in California are Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Color Wheel by Dan Goldberger on 500px.com

Los Angeles

It is known to be the city of stars and film making, the place where stars are born. Los Angeles is famous for its lavish style and without doubt, Hollywood. It should be the number one place to go for a movie fanatic. There are numerous companies offering behind the scenes tours such as Universal, Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures.

There are a lot of other places for tremendous recreational activities such as the Beverly Hills, Silver Screen and Santa Monica. If you are someone who loves to enjoy the weather, Venice beach is the best place to go to relax and chill. However, it can be a little chilly to visit the beach in December but the rest of the city is sure to bring in all joys of the holiday season as one pictures it.

Los Angeles - Venice Beach Boardwalk

San Francisco

San Francisco is the most perfect holiday destination that hosts tourists with its unique hotels, cafes and museums. The weather of the place is always quite comfortable for its wave front location. The infamous Golden Gate Bridge is the key location for tourists to be. One can never run out of things to do in San Francisco as there are numerous museums, parks, beaches, hotels and many more places to be.

In San Francisco....... best places to visit in USA in December

An adventurous trip to Hawaii

Hawaii is usually portrayed as the perfect destination for the summer with its world-renowned beaches and greenery. However, the island could also prove to be a landmark in the beginning of the winter season, offering recreational activities such as hiking and trekking. One of the most well-known beaches of Hawaii is the Black beach which gets its name from its characteristic black sand.

The island is usually shadowed by bigger islands such as Maui and Oahu. Maui is a trip destination for families seeking an escape from their monotonous lives while Oahu usually attracts people looking to surfboard and paint. Hawaii is sure to give couples a romantic giveaway, just like the movies tell you. However, what the movies do not tell you about is the active Kilauea volcano. It is last known to have erupted in 2018 and collapsed the Halemaumau crater.


A party freak’s trip to Las Vegas

It’s impossible to hear the name Las Vegas and not immediately think of casinos and five-star hotels. Las Vegas is the place for you if you just want to party. Known to be the place of the party, you can expect all tourists’ attraction places to be booked and jam-packed. The airfares as well as the cost for hotel stays get extremely high. However, the rates significantly drop post the holiday season.

There is a week in January when Las Vegas hosts the annual Consumer Electronics Show where buyers and sellers of various electronics and gadgets meet. There are outdoor activities you can indulge yourself in as well, such as hiking at the Red Rock Canyon or snowboarding at Mount Charleston. However, travelers should keep in mind that the average temperature of the city can go as high as 50°C. Hence, be careful while packing for the city.

Legendary Loathing in Las Vegas

An eventful trip to Florida

The state is quite a wondrous place in terms of planning a vacation. The temperature of Florida Keys is fairly moderate, with a 74° Fahrenheit temperature even in peak winter season. Some of the places you can turn to while you are in Florida include the Duval Street, the Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square or just a laid back seafood dine-in at Ernest Hemmingway Homes and Museums. The area’s Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge has the wildest creatures at their natural best. You can also swim with the Manatees and if you are not a fan, you can always watch them from afar from the Three Sisters Spring.

Florida hosts seasonal events such as the Nights of Lights, a Christmas Parade, and the Luminary Night at the St. Augustine lighthouse. Villa Zorayda Museum by candlelight can be the perfect getaway for a romantic evening. Those who fancy the history of the place can take a trolley tour through the city’s historic town center, visit the Castillo de San Marcos, or explore St. Augustine’s Victorian history at the Lightner Museum.

A family trip to Minneapolis

The Minneapolis city, located in U.S. state of Minnesota, has a rather chilly weather, especially, in the months of December and January. Every year, a 10-day winter fest called The Great Northern takes place with numerous fun activities such as carnivals, and the traditional U.S Pond Hockey Championship etc. (which takes place on Lake Nokomis). The fun does not end here. The City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival is where the skiers have a romantic candlelight dinner but with a twist. The Lake of Isles is lit by candles and torches that are enclosed in a block of ice, giving the entire atmosphere a warm and romantic vibe.


If you are looking to spend your holidays admiring the wonderment of nature, the state of Wyoming is just the place for you. Most of the traffic gets blocked off during the start of November. Due to the heavy snowing, the only vehicles that can make their way through are the snowmobile and snowcoach tours. The winter wonderland consists of frozen lakes, snow-covered forests and mountain peaks, and hot geysers. After all the trekking and beautiful sceneries, you can relax at the nearby ranger-led nature programs called the Jackson Hole. They not only have lodges that range from cozy cabins to four star hotels, but also three mountain resorts, and a lively après-ski scene.

A traditional trip to New Orleans

New Orleans is a beautiful city-parish, in the U.S. state of Louisiana, to spend your holidays due to its pleasant weather that does not fall below 46° Fahrenheit. However, the real fun in New Orleans begins during the first week of February, with the city’s traditional Mardi Gras Celebration. There is a mystical aura filled with colorful traditions of parades, pageantry, krewes, and king cakes, which succumbs the entire event. The festival takes place before the Ash Wednesday and is one of the biggest street parties you will ever see. Another exciting place to visit would be the Bourbon Street which is known to embody the life of a party town, filled with numerous neon lights, music and people. You can also visit the French Quarter and jazz-rich historic neighborhoods like the Marigny and Treme.

A ski trip to Vermont

Vermont is a northeastern state in the New England region of the US. It is a bit cold and snowy in the month of December. The average temperature of the state is 43°F. It is the ideal place for hiking and skiing, and is also famous for its food. Few of the most popular spots that you need to visit include Lake Champlain district, the Vermont State House, maple sugar farms, the Rock of Ages granite quarry in Barre, and Revolutionary War historic sites. The place is perfect for beginners and kids trying out a new experience. If you are not one to indulge in sports, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain top views, music and the food.


Alaska is the largest (in area) state of the U.S. From glacier hikes to dogsledding tours, there is a lot to explore. You can enjoy the famous Iditarod race that takes place every March. Alaska offers a beautiful ride, to reach Fairbanks, on the Aurora Winter Train. The ride goes through a Christmas-card landscape, surrounded by heavy snow and the occasional moose. Further, you can learn all about Alaska’s human and natural history at the Museum of the North and experience the foretold Northern Lights, which are often visible between September and March.

An icy trip to Michigan

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the place to head towards if you find yourself in Michigan. Located in the remote upper Peninsula, is the Lake with multicolored sandstone cliffs. The caves are covered in icicles, giving you that artsy vibe. Enormous frozen waterfalls and towers of ice become the center of attention for people. Michigan also hosts the annual Michigan Ice Fest for ice climbers every year in February. Spectators and supporters are seated at the scenic sidelines. All in all, as long as you are a fan of ice and wonders of snow, Michigan is the perfect place for you.

A magical trip to Virgin Islands

If you want to enjoy the kind of vacation you see in the movies, Virgin Islands is the perfect place for you. St. Jones is the smallest of the three Caribbean U.S Islands, with a pleasant weather. Visiting in winter is a little dangerous since certain places would still be recovering from the hurricane season, so it is better to check before travelling. The place lacks tourism because there are no proper airports or cruises that can take you there. However, you can take a ferry from St. Thomas. There are numerous beautiful places you can visit including pristine beaches such as Trunk Bay emerald peaks, verdant groves with hiking trails, and close-up views of tropical flowers, pelicans, turtles, and other pieces of paradise.

A snowboarder’s trip to Colorado

The state of Colorado has hotels, shops, and cafes with that Victorian ambiance. Breckenridge is a historic Colorado town well-known for its hilly areas, steep slopes, and not to mention, the Breckenridge Ski Resort. The Ski resort is one of the most popular water recreation spots in the entire North America. There is 2,908 acres of skiable terrain for the ones looking for a trip to remember. However, the local hotels take advantage of heavy tourism in the area and set the prices for hotels extremely high.

Furthermore, if you are a slalomer or a snowboarder, you would find the place quite at home with so much to do. The main for its popularity, however, is the accessibility. Vacationers can get themselves multi resort key passes and visit the Rocky Mountain slopes at Keystone which are in close proximity of about 15 miles away.

A festive trip to Illinois and Iowa

If you want to do something really American on your vacation, you must always travel to the upper Mississippi and see the Bald Eagle. January and February are the best months to spot a Bald Eagle as it is the time of the year when they migrate to the South. You can go to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge to witness it. Other than the exotic bird watch festivals, you can go on informative trips to Museums and Native American demonstrations. The Quaid Cities cover a quartet of Iowa and Illinois municipalities.

The place offers numerous outdoor activities such as snow tubing, cross-country skiing and a number of cultural offerings. Davenport, Iowa’s Figge Art Museum, known for its exquisite collection of works from the Western Hemisphere, is a place you can visit.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a must see if you find yourself at Illinois, Chicago. There are delightful Zoo Lights perfect to go to after grabbing a coffee from the Hancock Signature Lounge from its 96th floor.

A colorful trip to New Hampshire

This state of the U.S. is known for its quaint towns and large expanses of wilderness. Dartmouth college’s winter festival has now become an annual celebration of three days filled with various fun activities like ski races, an ice sculpture contest, a polar bear swim, and other forms of wintry fun.

The temperature can go as low as 17.2° Fahrenheit, perfect for the winter carnival to get into full swing. However, those of you who are not fans of the cold can go ice skating on Occom Pond. New Hamshire has plenty of fancy restaurants where you can dine out after catching a show at Hopkins Center for the Arts.

An artsy trip to North Carolina

The state is located in the southeastern region of the U.S. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are situated in the west of North Carolina, where you can go to get an amazing hike experience as the temperature allows visitors to hike any time of the year.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, which extends from Virginia to Cherokee, is perfect for a long drive due to its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The Biltmore Estate stays open all year round for visitors to take a trip to. If you are a fan of arts, Asheville has got you covered with its innumerable culinary offerings and art exhibits.

New Bern City Hall - best places to visit in USA in December

A mountainous trip to Montana

It is one of the eight Mountain States. The temperature of Montana rarely falls below 13° Fahrenheit. Big Sky is a community in the rocky mountains of Southern Montana. It is known for the ski and downhill mountain-bike trails of Big Sky Resort. The resort also offers activities for beginners and children with a proper program for teaching. Visitors not interested in skiing can go for other bucket list activities such as zipline tours, sleigh rides, and ice skating, or head southeast for the wintry wonders of Yellowstone National Park.

An exotic trip to Santa Fe

The capital of New Mexico is dreamy throughout the year. The place has always been the center of attraction for many artists and poets due to its mystic buildings covered with snow, kiva fireplaces and the scent of cedar wafts through the high desert air. When it comes to food, Santa Fe has its own exotic tastes. Rich Native American traditions and Southwestern cuisine of chocolate and chili peppers are few of its specialities.

Santa Fe has snow-covered mountains, offering skiing and snowshoeing options. Lastly, you can spend some relaxing time at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and get yourself a spa treatment.

Santa Fe waterfall - best places to visit in USA in December

A peaceful trip to Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri has the most comfortable temperature even in December. You can go through the entire majestic city and find numerous restaurants, coffee shops, museums, and historic sites. The best thing about it is that all the places are in close proximity to one another. You can visit some famous places such as the Forest Park, St. Louis Zoo, the Missouri History Museum, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Jewel Box greenhouse, and the historic Cabanne House.

People who fancy nature and the greenery can head towards the Missouri Botanical Gardens and then go to the City Museum to see some magnificent pieces of artwork. Furthermore, driving through Lone Elk Park can give you a chance to seek the elk, deer, raccoon, and other Midwest critter sightings.

A wondrous trip to Oregon

A place called Astoria is located at the junction of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. The place is perfect for an off-season vacation in December. It has an unpredictable weather schedule; from sunny to stormy in a brisk. Astoria welcomes huge crowds every year around the winter season. Hence, if you want to go somwhere peaceful, Oregon is the place for you. You can visit the Oregon Film Museum for a bit to relive memories of The Goonies, and then to the Buoy Beer Company to see the sea lions. The place has glass floors that let you view the magnificent beasts while you have a drink.

You can go for an evening stroll through the wonders of Austria and visit beautiful small restaurants, coffee houses, and museums.

In a nutshell, a trip to the United States in the month of December is totally worth it!

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