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Midvale Courtyard House by Bruns Architecture

Sometimes it’s easier to build a house from scratch than to renew an older one but then this is why people hire professionals for this purpose. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, United States, Midvale Courtyard House was a renovation project undertaken by Bruns Architecture  which was completed in the year 2013. It also won the 2013 ALA Gold Design Award.

From the architect: “Balancing the introverted nature of a courtyard with the bold personality of an extrovert all while managing matters of privacy, this renovation builds on its solid mid-century roots”.

Exotic wood finishes, a fireplace purposefully placed in the living room, stainless steel details, soft and smooth fabrics make the interior a combination of different elements that form the labyrinth of comfort.

Covered parking lot, elevated master suite with a private courtyard terrace and an exotic master bath, all add up to the intimacy of this place.

Photo Credits : Tricia Shay

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