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DARPA’S WildCat, where fiction meets reality!

Looking at DARPA’s WildCat robot one pauses for a while thinking that this beast has come straight out of “The Terminator” to haunt the very existence of human race.

Engineered by Boston’s Dynamics and sponsored by DARPA, WildCat is a four-legged robot designed to sprint across the flat terrains at speeds up to 16 mph. WildCat has no chords attached to it and manoeuvres itself wirelessly. Powered by a two stroke go-cart engine with a directly coupled hydraulic pump, WildCat can only run for about 5 minutes as for now due to its small fuel tank. The fuel tank has been kept small in order to reduce weight. With the later versions of WildCat, the speed and running time are definitely going to improve.

Check out the video to see WildCat in action.

Source: Boston Dynamics

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