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British Landmarks Get Kaleidoscopic Makeover by Chris Thompson

Nottinghamshire based brothers, Chris and Alan Thompson turned historic British buildings and landmarks into real life Kaleidoscopes. While Chris himself is a professional light-painting photographer but he found inspiration from the works of creative light painters on Flickr. Chris then involved his brother to create their own camera rotation tool (CRT) by using a device that revolves the camera into different angles along the axis throughout a single photographic exposure. This intelligent technique helped Chris to capture the places that represent Britain to its very core in different lights to create a unique kaleidoscopic effect.

Detroit Bridge – Salford Quays

The Straddle – Victoria Quay – Sheffild

Liverpool – Pier Head

Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

Peace Gardens Sheffield

Crucible Theatre – Sheffield

Library at The University of Lincon

Tyne Bridge – Newcastle

Liverpool – Pier Head

Millenium Bridge – Newcastle

BBC Media city – Salford

Images: © Chris Thompson/Caters News

Reference: Yahoo

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