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This Book-Cum-Chair Design Is Absolutely Genius!

Do you ever wish to carry your own chair to those inconvenient places where there’s not a single place to sit and you end up standing forever? However, we all know carrying a chair isn’t as feasible as carrying a book, or is it? Designers Mike Mak & Plateaus have somehow managed to incorporate the two ideas to create a chair which is not only as light to carry as a book but literally looks like one, too.

The product, Bookniture, is an apparent coffee-table book, made up of intricately joined pieces of paper in such a way that when the book is opened up, it quickly transforms into a piece of furniture. The chair makes use of the quality of holding up compressive stress of books to withstand a weight of as much as 1100 kilograms. Hence, you do not need to worry about falling down from the witty book-cum-chair design.

The product is on display at the Museum of Modern Art and you can display it on your very own bookshelf, too as Bookniture is up for sale already!

Images: Bookniture

H/T: Yanko Design

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