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Year In Review; The 24 best Vines Of 2014

1. How we fight tall people by Rudy Mancuso

2. The 3D selfie by Tee Ken Ng

3. Sylvio lets go by Albert Birney

4. The nine-month vine by Ian Padgham

5. Hovering through Montpellier by Dylan Blau

6. Good thing I can teleport by Lawrence Becker

7. Cops be like by King Bach (Andrew Bachelor)

8. Drug addiction by Jessica Harmon

9. Ford Mustang commercial by Jethro Ames

10. Wrap dancer by @yelldesign (Matt Willis)

11. Vintage Tinder by Allie Hundley

12. The adventure of alphabets by Pinot

13. Nuts by Ian Padgham

14. Fruit magic by BetterOffRed

15. Ferguson by Michael Caolhoun

16. The evolution of sharing content by Maris Jones

17. Guacamole time by Meagan Cignoli

18. Snoopy at a typewriter by Khoa

19. The vortex by Lawrence Becker

20. #drone by Totalsuccess

21. Let your imagination take over by Bruno Bergallo

22. Table tennis by @yelldesign (Matt Willis)

23. Fly girl by Meagan Cignoli

24. Cheverolet ad by Khoa

Source: Mashable

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