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Apple Unveils The List Of The Most Well-Designed Apps of 2017

Apple never takes creativity for granted and instead, appreciates it whenever it is due. This time, it has turned its attention towards the apps that grabbed everyone’s attention on the App Store with their design. The apps were selected because their design fulfilled the purpose of the app and utilized the capability of Apple devices completely. However, some of the apps were chosen just because their design was too pretty to ignore. The designers of these apps were called out by Apple to meet the top-level executives working in the firm and were then acknowledged with the super cool light-up, machine-milled statues.


The Blackbox is an immensely engaging puzzle that makes the users addicted as well as restless unless they solve the game that had a fairly simple and apparent answer all along. However, the most interesting element of this game is that it uses every feature of iPhone to make the user’s experience an amazing one except for the most important one; touch! The app is so skillfully designed even with the deliberate exclusion of touch from the game.


Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 is another game app that grabbed everyone’s attention as well as Apple’s with its engaging graphics and minimalistic yet impactful design. Watch its trailer to get stunned by its detailed design.


Things 3

Things 3 is a to-do list app that stands out from the rest of the apps built for the same purpose via its thoughtful design. The app lets you add to-do list separately as well as under the already existing list as a further breakdown of the task. The design is so convenient for the users that it would have been truly unfair to not to include it as one of the most well-designed apps on the App Store.



With the concept of adult colouring book to relieve stress creating all the hype these days, Lake stole the show by digitalizing this simple idea. Lake offers its users to colour intricate designs just by their touch. The app updates its collection with new designs on daily basis. The apps appearance is quite pleasing and is fun to use.



Bear is the note-taking app which is simple and to the point with its design. It allows features such as Markup support and tagging to give the otherwise simple note-taking an edge.


Splitter Critters

With its cute paper cut design, Splitter Critters is not just an easy to play game but it is easy on the eyes as well. The users remove obstacles and create their own path in the paper-cut world, to take the tiny characters safely from one point to another.


Kitchen Stories

You might think that Kitchen Stories is the regular recipe app which also includes kitchen hacks here and there however, its minimalist design sets it apart from any other mainstream app. The sleek design of the app and the videos that get uploaded on it crams up so much information in such an aesthetically pleasing manner that no recipe looks even the tiniest bit difficult to make.


Old Man’s Journey

This an adventure/puzzle game that has the most beautiful design when it comes to a mobile app game. You really need to play it in order to fully experience the graphics of the game. For now, you can get a glimpse of its fantastic design in the trailer below!


AirMail 3

If you are the kind of person who has one email ID on almost every email service provider there is on the internet then it is pretty understandable that the built-in mail app on Apple is of no use to you. AirMail 3 comes into the picture with its awesome feature of gathering all the emails on all your different email addresses in one inbox. This app is straightforward with its design and makes sure to not to leave its users in any kind of confusion!



Severed is the classic mobile app game with its uncomplicated narrative involving a man with no hand or a family, working as the sole warrior of demon after being served with a sword from him. The app provides an amazing graphic experience to the users and you would not be able to put your phone down once you install it!


Elk Currency Converter

Elk is the ultra genius currency converter app that automatically determines your location and changes the currency that you will need accordingly. The light-weight app is immensely fast which is best suited for people who use Apple Watch and travel frequently around the world.



Enlight is the Photoshop of mobile in its truest sense with its heavy image manipulation features hiding behind the sleekest user interface ever!


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